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Generally, these days, practicing and playing time is very restricted, but some old recordings/videos are available on YouTube by searching under the description 'salixarbour'.


Lorraine and me at Northwich Folk Club

Lorraine probably singing either 'Autumn Leaves' or 'I wandered by a Brookside'

Location: Northwich Folk Club, Cheshire
Circa 2002


Me and my Flyde Magician

Performing Don McClean's 'Vincent'/'Starry Starry Night'

Location: Northwich Folk Club, Cheshire
Cisca 2002

We met in 1979 at Huddersfield School of Music whilst both studying the Classical Guitar as main instrument. Lorraine was strictly a classical guitar player, with guitar ensemble and youth orchestra experience on timps. My experience was less formal shall we say, having supplemented my self-taught classical playing with a year in a small Rock Band (Steel Rig), and about 18 months in a quasi Folk/Gospal band.

What a wonderful year I enjoyed at Huddersfield's School of Music. Oh, for those halcyon days of no responsibilities or cares. I stayed there during the 1979/80 academic year. Lorraine spent a further year there, finally joining me in my 'bachelor pad' in the summer of '81.

For various reasons though, not least a major injury sustained to my right hand, we gradually let the time spent involved in music dwindle away to almost nothing. Maybe just 10 minutes a week. How terrible!! It wasn't until we moved house in April 2000 that I decided to start playing again, and in the July of 2000 I popped along to the very excellent Northwich Folk Club for the first time. Bob Fox was performing that night. I left mightily impressed. And so, with the passage of time, Lorraine and I also became regular performers ourselves at the club.

In September 2001 I decided that I'd completely worn out my 20 year old Suzuki Dreadnought, and placed an order for a Customised Fylde Magician, from Roger Bucknall of Flyde Guitars up in Penrith.

Some 2 months later, my new Flyde was ready for collection; Roger had even signed the label stuck inside the guitar. Certainly, the guitar cost me a small fortune, but what pleasure it is to play, and what a superb sound it produces. I'll maybe do an in-depth subjective analysis of the instrument at a later date, but for the moment, suffice to say that shortly before I collected my own guitar from Fylde, a certain Mr.Beckham had just bought his! Who knows, maybe the man can play! Maybe his Fylde will feature on Posh's next album?!

Stringed instruments repertoir:

Classical: Choros No1& No2 (Villa Lobos), Balletto (Weiss), Ballet & La Volta (Praetorius), Lagrima (Tarrega), Gavotte in E (Bach).

Lute: Air and Variations (Frescobaldi), Fantasia No.10 (Alonso Mudarra), Melancholy Galliard (Dowland), Fortune my Foe (Dowland), The Frog Galliard (Dowland).
Folk: Curragh of Kildare, Blackwaterside, The First time Ever I Saw your Face, St.Fiacre, The Galway Shawl.

Pop Folk: Streets of London, Summer Lightning, Sweet Mystery, Maginot Waltz, Goldwatch Blues, Tangerine Puppet, I Wandered by a Brookside.

Pop/Ballad: Vincent, Fire and Rain, At Seventeen, Berkeley Woman, Little Country Church, Moses, UFO, Autumn Leaves, Kenny the Kangaroo, Blow Up the TV, Zachery & Jennifer, The 60 Second Bank Song, Blackbird, Kathy's Song, Casey's Last Ride, One of us Cannot be Wrong, Famous Blue Raincoat, White Hare.

Blues: I Wish I was a Single Girl again.

Original Material (the better stuff): Golden Time, Child of the City, Seven Days, Subterranean Mystery, Those Stupid Songs of Love.

Piano Accordion repertoir:

Valse d'Amélie, Valse des Monstres, La Noyée, La veillié, Paris Skies (Le Ciel de Paris), Up (theme from the Pixar film).

Derek and Lowden

Derek and his Lowden Guitar

Proud to include here a photo of my brother Derek playing his Lowden guitar; a superbly responsive instrument!

Location: Wrexham, Wales
Circa 2011

Alan and Suzuki

Me and my Perm!

Many moons ago, when the world was young, when I had hair...!

Location: Corby, Northants
Summer 1979




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