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Huddersfield School of Music

We first met in 1979 at Hudderfield School of Music whilst both studying Classical Guitar as main instrument. We then married in September 1984, bought our first house a couple of years later, followed by a couple of further house moves.

Highfields Annexe

Highfields Annexe 1979

A grand old building which, during the 1970's and 80's, was annexed to Huddersfield School of Music. Today, I believe it is used more as a college of Performing Arts.

Location: Highgfields Street, Huddersfield
Autumn 1979

Alan and Lorraine 1980

Attending a music college function

Can't remember this event, but I know we must have both been there!

Location: Huddersfield, W.Yorkshire.
Spring 1980

12 Maurice Close

12 Maurice Close in the snow

This was our first house, in Dukinfield, Greater Manchester/Chreshire. We lived here for 15 years, doing a lot of DIY; modernising and extending the property. This photo shows Lorraine and Jasper (our Chihuahua) standing outside in the snow. We had great neighbours, and loved the house. We still wonder sometimes why we ever left !!!

Location: 12 Maurice Close, Dukinfield
Winter Circa 1990

Moors Lane, Winsford

Moors Lane, Winsford

Right: In April 2000 we moved to Darnhall, Mid-Cheshire, to a new build, escaping from the Manchester conurbation. Our house is centre photo, on the corner, over-looking the farm. However, after just 2 years here, we decided to move; the new house lacked that certain je ne sais quoi, and the neighbours were quite unlike those in Dukinfield, our previous house.

Location: Moors Lane, Winsford.
Summer 2001

The Willows, 2002

The Willows, 2002

And so, we come to 'The Willows', where we've lived since 2002. Located near the village of Calveley, between Nantwich and Tarporley in Cheshire, the setting is rural and very tranquil. However, the downside has been the enormous amount of hard physical labour we've had to do ourselves to renovate both the property, and the grounds, including septic tank and land drains!

Location: The Willows, Calveley
Summer 2002

The Willows, 2013.Moors Lane, Winsford

The Willows, 2013

Right: During Januay, February and March of 2013 we had the builders in! This was a difficult and testing time, but the end product was a new look to the roof at The Willows, in particular new dormers, new extension, new tiles and additional rooms upstairs.

Location: The Willows, Calveley
Summer 2013

The Willows, 2013

The Willows, 2013

Left: The new roof from the house's entrance gate.

Location: The Willows, Calveley
Summer 2013




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